Profile of Dr. Banarsi Lal

Name Dr. Banarsi Lal
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification with Institution

Acharya in Buddhist Philosophy, S.S.V.V., Varanasi
Ph.D. on Buddhist Tantra, "Critical study of Manjusrinamasangiti", S.S. University, Varanasi
Diploma in Tibetan Language - S.S.V.V., Varanasi

Name of Department R.B.T.R. Department
Name of Faculty Research
Area of Specialization
  1. Buddhist Tantric, Studies
  2. Himalayan Studies
  3. Ancient old scripts viz. Newari, old Bengali, Gandi, Sidhom, Kutila etc.
  4. Editing old Buddhist Sanskrit Manuscripts
Current Assignment and Projects
  1. Editing Samputtantra, Guyasamajamandalavidhi and commentary on Ratnagunasamcayagatha by Haribhadra
  2. Co-editor of 'Dhih' journal of Rare Buddhist Texts Research Dept.
Mobile Number 09450180540
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