Profile of Dr. Tashi Tsering (S)

Name Dr. Tashi Tsering (S)
Designation Associate Professor
Qualification with Institution

Ph.D. CIHTS, Sarnath Varanasi

Name of Department Department of Sampradaya Shastra
Area of Specialization

Buddhist Philosophy, Religion and translating scriptures into English

Current Assignment and Projects

Writing summarization of Buddhist Syllogism and logics.

Mobile Number 9935667491
Phone Number
Postal Address <p>&frac34; Staff Quarter, CUTS, Sarnath, Varanasi-221007, INDIA</p>


Dean of Indian Buddhist Philosophy and Five Tibetan Schools.
Associate Professor in Sakya Buddhist Philosophy.
Head of the Sakya Department and Teaching at CUTS since 1989.
Chief Coordinator of Academic Exchange Program with Five College of Mass. USA.
Chief Vigilance Officer, CUTS.

Doctorate and Acharya (M.A.) from CIHTS, Varanasi.

Education obtained at CST, Mysore, CUTS, Varanasi, Sakya College, Dehra dun, Dzongsar University, Kangra.

Studied Indian Buddhist Philosophy of five sciences, Tibetan Buddhism of Mahayana and Vajrayana, Tibetan Language, English, Hindi, Sanskrit, Tibetan grammar, poetry, Tibetan and Indian Buddhist Religious History

Visited USA as a visiting Professor to teach at Smith College and Hampshire College in 2002 for one semester.
Visited Austria, Europe to teach at International Institute of Higher Tibetan Studies, in 2010 and 2011.
Visited Thailand, Malaysia, Slovakia and Singapore several times.
Participated in many National and International Seminars.

Some of my publications are as follows:

  1. Commentary on Candrakirti's 'Entry Into the Middle' (Madhyamakavatara) Rendawa Shonnu Lodro (English).Published by CUTS, Varanasi 1997
  2. Commentary on Aryadeva's 'Four Hundred Verses'. Rendawa Shonnu Lodro. (English) 2004
  3. Restoration of first five chapter of auto commentary of Chandrakirti's 'Madhyamikavatara'. (Sanskrit with introduction in English, Hindi and Tibetan) Published by CUTS, Varanasi 2005
  4. Gorampa's 'Removal of Wrong Views'. Commentary on Chandrakirti's 'Introduction to the Middle' (Madhyamakavatara). (English) Published in Taipei, Taiwan 2005
  5. Commentary on Nagarjuna's 'Prajna Mulak Madhyamakakarika' (Root of the Middle). Rendawa Shonnu Lodro (English) 2007
  6. Commentary on Nagarjuna's 'Prajna Mulak Madhyamakakarika' (Root of the Middle). Rongton Shesja Kunrig (English)
    Published in Singapore by Singapore Sakya Centre 2010
  7. Chandrakirti's autocommentary on 'Madhyamakavatara' into English. Published in 2012.