Profile of Dr. Amit Mishra (Stage Two)

Name Dr. Amit Mishra (Stage Two)
Designation Assistant Professor in Political Science
Qualification with Institution M.Phil (Delhi University), Ph.D. (Delhi University)
Name of Department Department of Social Sciences
Area of Specialization Peace Studies, International politics and international organisations
Current Assignment and Projects 1. Paper accepted for presentation in the Association for Asian Studies - in Asia International Conference at Kyoto, Japan organised by Doshisha university, Japan from June 24-27th 2016. 2. Participated and presented two research papers in an International conference organised by the World International Studies Commitee(WISC) and International Studies Association(ISA) at Frankfut, Germany on August 6-9, 2014; Topic of paper 1: "Dalai Lama's approach and contribution to World Peace."; Paper 2: "Good governance in South Asia:Some perspectives." 3. Paper presented in the International Political Science Association(IPSA) - annual conference in BHU, Varanasi in Oct. 2015 on Modhi's peace diplomacy in South Asia: Some reflections. 4. Participated and presented a research paper in an International conference Human and Social Science organised by the Mediterranean Center for Social and Educational Research and Greforiana University at Rome, Italy on 20-22 Sept, 2013; Topic of paper - "Paradigm Shift in UN peacekeeping in the Post Cold War era." 5. Participated and presented a research paper in an International conference in J.N.U., Delhi entitled, Annual International Studies Convention 2013 heald on 10-13 December 2013; Topic of presentation: Growth of Democracy in Latin America along Socialis Lines: A Comparative Perspective with India. 6. Paper entitled: End of Cold War and new challenges to Democracy at Sapienza University, Rome, Italy on June 18-20, 2013.
Mobile Number 0-9621944809
Phone Number
Postal Address Flat no. 101, Rudra Krishna Dham, Vallabh Vihar, Sarnath, Varanasi


  1. A book entitled: UN peacekeeping: Dimensions in the post cold war era and Emerging Challenges published by YS Books International Publishers, New Delhi, ISBN No: 978-93-837932-2-8, Jan 2015.
  2. A paper entitled: "End of Cold War and new challenges to Democracy", published as a chapter in the book. "Empire and nations: Vol 2" in the Cambridege Scholars Publishing House, London on Aug. 2014.
  3. Published ten papers on international issues, UN and peace studies in major national and international referred journals like the Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences, the Asia Pacific Panorama, Ilmiah journal: Hubungan International, Parahyangan Catholic University, Bandung, Indonesia, Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences, Rome, Italy.