Multimedia Section

Multimedia section of the library acquires, creates and manages all the contemporary media types of the concerned subjects to facilitate the objective of the Institute.

Multimedia section keeps up with the changing needs and technology of the time. The section was actively engaged in micro form in the decade of Eighties; in Nineties section worked with magnetic tapes and now-a-days this section is the epicenter of digitization work for the institute.

The section has the latest ICT equipments such as computers, television, microfilm and fiche readers, microfilming camera, scanners, still and video cameras, audio/video tapes to digital form convertors and required software to create and edit multimedia documents.

The section is a gateway for the study of Himalayan Culture and Tradition using multimedia documents.

Digital Collection

Audio Cassettes

Audio cassettes collection includes 1823 titles in 10,112 audio cassettes. The collection includes teachings, talks and seminar lecture by distinguished scholars in the fields of Buddhism, Tibetan and Himalayan studies. The section also procures the multimedia documents from the other institutions and publishers.

Video Compact Disk (VCD)

Multimedia section has around three hundred title on the subject of our interest. We are also actively engage in transferring our video cassettes to the digital format on the disk, so to make our data compatible with the present technology.

MP3 Format

All the audio cassettes that are being converted to compact disk are simultaneously converted to most popular audio compression format that is mp3.

Video Cassettes

Video collection of the section includes the range of subjects from philosophy to the politics of Tibet to the general road map of the Himalayan region.

Digital Video Disk (DVD)

Digital Video Disk is a choice of archiving our collection from our VHS format tapes. The documentaries that we now acquire and produce are all in DVD format.

Micro Form

The section has a rich collection of micro-fiches and micro-films and in the process to digitize the micro collection.

Audio Compact Disks (ACD)

The project is underway to convert all the audio cassettes of our collection to compact audio disk, so as to make it readable and manipulate it on the computer machine. We have chosen to keep our original audio data on the preferred format of audio compact disk and use that as a master to convert all different audio file formats on the computer for reader services.

Compact Disc ROM (CD-ROM)

The section also has a good collection of multimedia compact disk of mainly interactive language learning tools. A small reading room having multimedia computers have been furnished to use these resources.

Digitization Project

Reference and stack sections of the library have actively participated in the Universal Digital Library Project of the Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) and Indian University of Science, Bangalore and contributed about 400, out of copyright documents in Devanagari script. These documents have been scanned at Indian University of Information Technology, Allahabad and uploaded on UDL server. Now this precious collection is in public domain and can be accessed from The Multimedia section has uploaded the pdf files of scanned documents on library server and linked these files with the bibliographical details of the documents already available in SLIM, to make these e-books accessible via library OPAC.

Tibetan OCR Project

The institute is working with Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad on a joint project of Ministry of Information Technology, Govt. of India, to develop the Tibetan Optical Character recognition (OCR). The ground truth data and basic programming for the project has been done and alpha version of the OCR have been released in January 2010. The works relating to WINDOWS version of the OCR is in progress.

Functions and services of the section

  1. Photocopying services
  2. Audio and video duplication services
  3. Audio listening and video viewing services
  4. On-demand, compilation of topical bibliographies
  5. Managing language learning tools
  6. Digitization of print, audio and video documents.
  7. Audio, Video and photo documentation of various functions of the Institute

Staff Members

  • Shri Tenzin Dhonyoe  (In-Charge)
    Semi Professional Assistant on Contract
  • Shri Dorjee Boom
  • Shri Palden Tsering
    On Contract
  • Ms. Tenzin Tsomo 
    On Contract
  • Shri Kalden Gurung
    On Contract
  • Mrs. Tenzin Kalden 
    On Contract
  • Ms. Tashi Lahmo
    On Contract
  • Shri Rakesh Gupta
    Daily Wage