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  1. Independence Day Celebration at CUTS Sarnath, Varanasi

    Independence Day Celebration at CUTS Sarnath, Varanasi


    15th August 2017


    Today at 9:00 AM the entire CUTS family gathered in the lawn in-front of Shantarakshita Library of the University to commemorate the ideas and ideals of Independence struggle of the country and to celebrate the 71st Independence day of the country.

    Hon’ble Vice Chancellor Prof. Geshe Ngawang Samten hoisted the national flag followed by mass recitation of the national anthem. After saluting the national flag Hon’ble V.C. congratulated every Indian and venerated thousands of those who have made contribution to materialize independence of India. He further said that India’s independence has made great impact on entire Asia as well as to the rest of the world.

    In his address on the occasion Hon’ble V.C. mentioned the three important meetings and conferences he had attended in last 10 days as they are all relevant to this day of Indian Independence since they were on religious harmony, educations system and secular ethics in the context of India. Mentioning the first program, Interfaith Dialogue for Peace, Harmony and Security organized at Yangon, Myanmar collectively by the India, Myanmar and Japan, he narrated in detail the ancient Indian tradition of harmonious co-existence of all the religious and philosophical traditions originated in India and those came from out side. The Indian tradition of respecting diversity, is certainly an example for the rest of the world. The religious heads and scholars at the dialogue resolved to meet on regular basis and work together for harmony and peace in the society.  

    The second program he attended was the 10th edition of the World Education Summit at New Delhi which was attended by educationists, education policy makers and educators, where they shared the best practices and discussed the areas which require urgent attention for the betterment of education sector of the country.

    Third program was organized by the Tata Institute of Social Science at Mumbai, to launch the course on Secular Ethics followed by discussion among educationist and scholars. H. H. The Dalai Lama launched the program and highlighted in his address the necessity of incorporating ethics in the modern education system. Education on merely external world is not sufficient without paying attention on the inner world which is the actual source of our suffering and happiness.

    Highlighting the need of secular ethics in the modern world, Hon’ble V.C. mentioned the five important components of the secular ethics which are: ethics of restrain, ethics of virtue, ethics of compassion, discernment and universal responsibility, which are the essential soft skills, which everyone must inculcate in order to be a better and a happier person and bring peace in the society. He elaborated each of the components.

    He emphasised the need of religious harmony, better education system and education of ethics for every individual person.

    Finally, he expressed his wish for the fast material development of the great nation of India coupled with the spiritual values.

  2. Heartfelt Condolence to Tenzin Choeying

    The entire CUTS family is in deep mourn since they received the message of Tenzin Choeying’s passing away at Safdarjang Hospital, Delhi on 22nd July 2017 at 4:50 PM (IST)

    Late Tenzin Choeying was a student of PM 2nd year of the university, who immolated himself on 14th July 2017 morning in the boy’s hostel, Padmasambhava, for the cause of Tibet and preservation of its culture and language as he had written in his note addressed to his friend.

    Mr Choeying was immediately recused and rushed to the Heritage Hospital Varanasi one of the best hospitals in Varanasi. After seeing his condition, internationally renoumd plastic surgeon, Dr Bhattacharya of BHU was consulted and on his advice, Mr Choeying was airlifted to burns causality ward of Safdarjang Hospital, Delhi on 20th July 2017. All possible attempts were made to save the life of Mr Choeying, but unfortunately he finally sucumbed to burn on 22nd July 2017 at 4:50 PM in the ICU. After receiving his body from the hospital, it was taken to the Samyeling Tibetan Refugy colony in Delhi, where people had paid their final respects and said prayers for him. His body with representatives from various organisations left Delhi around noon today for Dharamasala where the cremation will be held on 26th July with prayers.

    The CUTS family was continuously praying for the life of Mr Choeying since 14th July 2017, and Vice Chancellor and CUTS administration were continuously monitoring the situations. When his situation aggravated, the university sent the Dean of the Medical Department, Prof. Lobsang Tenzin, and the Dean of the Students Welfare, Ven. Geshe Lungrig Loden Wangchuk and a staff. The reprepentatives of the University have joined the group leaving for Dharamsala to attend the cremation.

    Just after receiving the news of his passing away, a prayer was organized in the University in the evening.

    On 24th July 2017 a condolence meeting was addressed by the Vice Chancellor of CUTS. Addressing the condolence assembly the vice chancellor said that there are three points to which this event draws our attention: Firstly, Mr. Tenzin Choeying with strong motivation for the cause of nation and and the preservation of its culture sacrificed his life. It is a message for all Tibetans, elders and youngsters, to unite and make more effort for the preservation of Tibetan culture and for the cause of the nation. Secondly, we should pray for him so that he may be born again to make contributions for the nation and its culture and enter into the spiritual path and eventualy attain Buddhahood. Thirdly, Tibet’s cause is not just for the six million Tibetan people. Rather, it is a cause for the entire Asia and the world at large. For these gigantic causes, active involvement of even millions of people would be less. Therefore, he appealed to the Tibetan people inside and outside Tibet to actively envolve for the cause of Tibet and for the preservation of its culture which is a precious treausure for the entire humanity.

    The Univsrsity is closed for today to pay respect to him. After the condolence meeting, the CUTS family had convened a special condolence prayer at 2.30 PM on 24th July for the deceased and for the consolation of his family members. The CUTS will perform weekly prayer for the next seven weeks.

  3. 5 Days Intensive Workshop on Adobe Indesign

    Date: 24th April 2017 - 28th April 2017

    Instructor : Tibetan IT Expertise Geshe Lobsang Monlam

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