Central Institute of Higher Tibetan Studies
Sarnath, Varanasi – 221007


डॉ. अार. कॆ. उपाध्याय,
कें.उ. ति. शि. सं. (मानित विश्वविद्यालय)
सारनाथ, वाराणसी-221007
फोन : +91542 2585148
फैक्स : +91542 2585150
E-Mail: registrarcuts@in.com

Registrar Bio-Note 

   Dr. Upadhyay was awarded Ph.D. degree in Geology in the year 1988 from Banaras Hindu University.               

   Dr. Upadhyay pursued M. Sc. in first division in the year 1981 from Banaras Hindu University in Geology. He also holds diploma in Yoga which he earned in year 1992 from Banaras Hindu University.               

   As an administrator he has an experience of over 25 years. He began as Assistant Registrar in the year 1992. He held the responsibility of different fields of Administration, academics, development and finance as Assistant Registrar for more than 12 years (01.06.1992 to 27.09.2004).                  

   He was then promoted to Deputy Registrar and then to Joint Registrar. He held the responsibility as for five year and more than seven years as Joint Registrar respectively in administration and finance of the University (B.H.U.). 

   Dr. Upadhyay also assisted as Member Secretary in different committees. He also earned working experiences as a Graduate Trainee Officer in Valley Refractors Ltd.at Chirkunda, District Dhanbad, Jharkhand form February 1986 to June 1987 and also worked as stipendiary Geologist in Atomic Minerals Division (AMD), Department of Atomic Energy GOI for six months during the year 1989. 

   Dr. Upadhyay was selected as the Registrar in Central University of Allahabad. He participated in more than 26 programmes related to Management of University Administration and Finances including Refresher Course/Orientation programmes organized by the University/Institutions like NIFM, NUEPA, NCERT and AIU etc. 

   Dr. Upadhyay organized a two day national Workshop as Organizing Secretary on “हिन्दी माध्यम में चिकित्सा विज्ञान के अध्ययन की प्रासंगिकता” in the institute of Medical Sciences, BHU sponsored by University Grants Commission.


कुलसचिव कार्यालय

  • श्री दीपंकर त्रिपाठी – स्टेनोग्राफर
  • श्री सर्वजीत सिंह - कनिष्ठ लिपिक

भूतपूर्व कुलसचिवों का ब्यौरा

क्रमांक नाम तथा ब्यौरा
1 डॉ. के. पी. सिंह
1 अप्रैल 1988 से 31 जुलाई 2001
2 प्रो. टी. छोगडुप
1 अगस्त 2001 से 31 अक्तूबर, 2001
3 प्रो. जे. पी. द्विवेदी
1 नवम्बर 2001 से 25 फरवरी  2002
4 प्रो. आर आर त्रिपाठी
2 मार्च 2002 से 31 मार्च 2002
5 श्री आर डी अग्रवाल
1 अप्रैल 2002 से 8 मार्च 2006
6 प्रो. लोब्संग तेन्ज़िन
18 मार्च 2006 से 6 सितंबर 2007
7 डॉ. बिनोद कुमार सिंह
नियमित, 7 सितम्बर 2007 से 30 नवम्बर 2008
8 प्रो. एस. एस. बहुलकर
1 दिसम्बर 2008 से 17 फरवरी 2009
9 Dr. D. R. Singh
- to 14 November 2016